Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion is most strategic when it is integrated, orchestrated, and ongoing. Walter Canyon Consulting will provide information, resources and tools that will assist your organization to first understand the dynamics of your community and then subsequently develop effective strategies for community inclusion.

We will provide methodologies to help you increase your organization’s understanding of the community you serve and conversely design strategies to enhance the community’s general knowledge of your organization’s mission and goals. Strategies for coordinating your inclusion to community members, engaging your staff in outreach, and setting objectives for your outreach efforts are our primary focus.  The tools and resources provided by Walter Canyon Consulting will supply your organization with worksheets, assessment tools, and examples to enhance your understanding of your community and facilitate your implementation of effective inclusion strategies to engage your employees.

Having team members participate in Community Inclusion provides:

  • A sense of purpose
  • An opportunity to give back to our communities and be a Good Corporate Citizen
  • Networking opportunities among employees and community leaders
  • Avenues to share existing talents and skills
  • The potential to discover a new interest or skill