Workforce Employee Recycling – Update

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Learn how Workforce Recycling can empower management to retain top performers, manage and improve productivity, engage employees in their employment lifecycle. Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling your employees boosts your company’s brand, saves dollars on valuable professional development – tuition assistance, saves energy in completing the onboarding – exit interviews process and saves labor hours omitting continuous employee recruitment. Organizations learn how to increase identification, development, and articulation of transferable key skills of every employee and every level to assist with employee recycling.

Workforce Employee Recycling

Workforce Employee Recycling

Walter Canyon Consultingour team will reuse, and recycle your workforce!

We partner with employers and employees to identify transferable talents and business skills in current and prospective  employees.  We provide innovative strategic approaches to deliver employment and training services that…

Improve performance of current employees

Improve job match

Improve the public workforce system and the communities where we live