Inclusion Readiness Training

Does your Diversity and Inclusion training fall flat on delivery?

Inclusion Readiness (IR) is the prerequisite to Diversity and Inclusion training. IR enhances productivity, employee effectiveness and increases the richness of cultivating ideas important to business success. IR explores the tolerance of cultural differences and prepares the workforce for an inclusive culture by training employees to recognize the three components of human emotions and understand the six basic emotions that are shared across ethnicities.

Inclusion Readiness includes cognitive preparation of employees, develops inclusive workplace characteristics, recommends deliberate updates to organizational resources and strategic plans.

Inclusion Readiness is for every employee at every level.

We believe it is essential that…

Every employee at Every Level from Every ethnicity understand  diversity and inclusion by first preparing for Inclusion Readiness.

Walter Canyon Consulting will design and implement training, workshops, one-on-one employee assessments, informational take-aways to address Inclusion Readiness of all employees through increasing participation in learning, cultures, and communities, thus reducing exclusion.

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